Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homemade Hair Accessory Holder

Well its about time Kayla! You make a New Years Resolution 4 days late, you create a CRAFT Blog to motivate yourself & then you don't actually craft anything until a week later!... Sheesh! What a slacker!

Your not a slacker, are you? I bet your not or else you wouldn't be here reading my Craft blog. Or... maybe your like me and you really are a slacker that pretends not to be...? hmm.. either way, I think you will LOVE this, especially if you have a sweet little girl with WAY TOO MANY Hair clippies! Like my Baby Girl Alexis. She is a sassy little Cutie with more shoes, hair accessories & clothes than I do! Its just not right.
Step One: Eat Lots & Lots of Oatmeal! Haha...  Kidding! :)
Here is what you will need!
Quaker Oats container w/ lid
2 pieces of Scrapbook Paper (Anything you like!)
Heavy Duty Glue (I used E-6000)
Ribbon (Optional)
Craft Tape/Double Sided Tape (Optional)
"Base" (Optional)
Glue the Top & Bottom of your oatmeal container & in the middle a little too. Then line the piece of paper up around the rim of the opening. You will most likely need 2 pieces of paper for this. You will need to cut 1 of them to make sure your paper fits all the way around the container. 
Tada! Its glued on! That was simple enough!

I purchased this candle holder Today at Goodwill for $.79+ Tax. You don't have to buy anything like this if you don't want to but it will make a great Base to your container. It will make it a bit fancier! & girls like Fancy!
For this project I turned it upside down so the bottom is larger & sturdier. Well, also because the larger part was a little bigger than the oatmeal container. I could have made it work but I didn't want to.

Glue the base of the candle holder.

Now place the container on top. Make sure to try your hardest to center it because if you don't you will regret it later!
I HATE things not being symmetrical or Exact like they should be. GRRR

 Okay, now with the leftover paper cut a circle around the lid. You can use a box knife or you can trace it with a pen & cut it out with scissors.

 Glue around the edge of the lid & place the paper on top & press firmly so it sticks.
You can decorate the sides with ribbon if you would like. I just left mine blank for now.

 YAY! Its Lookin Pretty Fancy Schmancy right now!! ;)

Let it sit until it is completely dry. I would say 1-2 hours but it really depends on the kind of glue you use.

 Now take ALLLLLLLLL of those hair clippies & Start stuffing them in the container.
 Take the headbands & put them on the outside of the container.

 Cute Huh!?!?

 I Love It! & what I love even more is that it didn't take much time, effort or cash to get it done!

*** Tips, Hints & Comments. ***
*You can glue ribbon on the container where your scissors paper cuts are to cover them. I did, but forgot to show it. I am leaving those parts on the back so they are not even noticeable.

*You can buy a "base" (Such as the candle holder I used) or use something similar you have at home. You can Always paint if you want too. I liked the gold & cream candle holder I bought so I used the gold & brown skull paper because it matched & I thought it was really cute together.

*Remember you are going to be putting hair clippies on the container so it really doesn't matter if you use Fancy paper or not. You could use a solid color or even white & it would probably look just as cute.

*Thin paper (Not Stock Paper) will be easier to glue to the oatmeal container.


  1. LOVE it! I need to make one of these, I have a small obsession with headbands! Thanks for sharing at Monkey'n Monday! You Rock!

  2. Thanks Heidi! :) I sure had alot of fun making it! My daughter is loving it too. I can't tell you how many times she has picked a new headband or hair clippie just to get into it. :)

  3. So Cute!!! I thought I was going to read a tutorial for making the headbands then realized it was the holder. It was so pretty I never imagined you had made it!

    1. Thanks Niki! I am happy you like it. Means a lot that you took the time to leave a comment (I am new to bloggin) =D

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