Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Magnetic Make-Up Board

Magnetic Make-Up Board

I first saw this idea on Pinterest & loved the idea so I decided to make my own.
It was Extremely Easy & not too time consuming at all!
I purchased this mirror at a local goodwill for $4.99
I planned on re-painting the mirror but liked it way too much so I left it the way it was. It looks like someone decided to paint it a bronze/silverish color but they only did 3 sides over the gold & it grew on me. Made it seem a little more "Vintage" to me.
I purchased a piece of 1ft X 2ft piece of metal at Home Depot. It was already pre-cut at the perfect size I needed.
I also purchased a piece of fabric from Joann's to cover the front of the metal . I glued the fabric to the back of the metal with super glue.
I then folded the edges tightly to try not to leave any access wrinkly fabric in the front then I left it to dry.
Then I took all of the makeup I use most & hot glued the back of them.
(If you have loose stickers on the back of the makeup you will want to remove them unless they are completely secure.)
Then I placed the magnets on them.
(Make sure you wash the magnets before you hot glue them)
Give the glue time to dry.
When they are done drying (Only takes a few minutes) plop them on the refrigerator & see if they stick. For heavier objects you may need to add an extra magnet. I put 2 magnets on a few of the items.
Place the piece of metal in the frame like you would normally.
Make sure you seal the back.
(I used my hot glue gun)
Tada! This is what it looks like with fabric, looks way better than it would have with an icky piece of metal.
Now you can hang it in your bathroom & add your accessories!
As you can see I made a cute matching magnetic closed case to hide some small things like tweezers, you can find the steps I made to make the Hidden Case Here.

Frame: $4.99
Fabric: $1.68
2ft X 1ft Metal: $8.29
Magnets, Case of 8 (2), $2.89
I had the hot gun/super glue & make-up already.


*Make sure to iron your fabric before glueing it to the piece of metal. As you can see I did not & there are a few wrinkles. Not Extremely noticeable but still. Not Cool.

*Make sure to wash your magnets. They are black & there is a chance they will have some grease on them. Like Mine!... Left a few black marks on my light colored fabric. Again, Not Cool.

*When you glue your magnets onto your makeup use a glue gun. Glue from a glue gun is pretty secure but it can be pealed off. This way when your makeup runs our you won't lose your magnet. (Pictures Below)

Hot Gun Glued Magnet
Came off perfectly.


  1. This is brilliant! I have all of my make-up in a pretty little bowl on my counter, but I have to dig through the darn thing looking for what I need! I should make something like this instead! Thanks for linking up to Craft Monkey'n Monday! I pinned it and shared it on the Craft Monkey FB page!

    1. Thanks Heidi. I am loving it. It is working great and keeping my bathroom cludder free & lucky me, I can always find my makeup in the morning! :)