Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Made Coffee Creamer

First thing in the morning,
sometimes in the afternoon
and often times in the evening....
 I want my COFFEE!!

And Nothing makes it better than Home Made Coffee Creamer!
This is sooo simple to make!
You will need:
*1- 14oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
*14 oz of Milk (Any Kind You Prefer- I Used Almond Milk)
*You will also need a jar or container w/ a lid.
*Flavor (Optional)
Put your Sweetened Condensed Milk in your jar.
Then your milk! :)

Now, if you want a flavor you can add a tablespoon or two, Or more. :) 
I Love Vanilla Coffee Creamer so I used Vanilla
You don't have to use flavor if you don't want to.
The mixture without any kind of flavor is great. Gives it some Sweetness but keeps the Coffee Taste!
Perfect! Soo Good! :)

Tips, Hints & Other Helpful Information

This contains milk so you will want to keep an eye out for the expiration date & discard when expired.

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