Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paper Mache Paste 1

There are many recipes is flying around Pinterest being advertised as a recipe to replace your expensive mod podge. I am a Review Reader- Big time. It is almost addicting to me. While reading these reviews many people said they worked great & many others said the recipes did not, so I decided to try a few. Mod Podging anything is my favorite craft. I just LOVE it! But Mod Podge is very expensive to purchase..

1st "Recipe"
This is what you will need (Plus a few extra kitchen items)

1 1/2 cups Flour
1/4 of a cup of sugar
1/4 tsp oil
2 cups of Water
an air tight container
Put 2 cups of water in your pan & heat your stove top to low-med.
When water gets warm Add All Ingredients
Now Mix & Mix (see how its starting to become a soupy mixture?
There will be flour clumps, try to blend it as much as possible & reduce your stove to low heat.
Let the mixture sit for approximately 10 minutes (stirring occasionally)
IF your mixture still has large chunks of flower strain it over a bowl.
The runny parts will run through the strainer
The clump parts will not (For the most part)
There are still some small flour clumps in my mixture.
Now its time to test it out. (I used the back of a canvas that I plan on deco-paging when I get a few other projects out of the way)

As you can tell by the photo it looks creamy- Many Many Reviewers said it was creamy but Dried clear. Just like Deco podge is white but dries clear.

I placed a small piece of paper on the "mixture" & brushed some more on top of the paper & let sit over night.
This was my final outcome in the morning. Not so pretty. BUT it did in fact work. The paper was stuck to the canvas just like promised.

*~* My "Review" of this homemade product. *~*
This is NOT a Mod Podge Replacement. At all. But is a good Paste if your looking to paste something together & it does not have to look perfect. (From what I have read often times people use this "recipe" as a cheep method to paste paper together, then they take something like Mod Podge & use it as a sealer to give it a nice overtone.)


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