Friday, January 13, 2012

Nutkoa Smores at home

I Love Nutkoa.

If your wondering what Nutkoa is, well, its very similar to Nutella. It is almost exactly like it but just different. Nutkoa is usually 1/2 chocolate hazelnut spread & half milk spread. Very Yummy! But has a little less Oh My Goodness That's CHOCOLATY taste.

Go Ahead, let your kids make their own! This is really an easy one for them to do on their own.

This is what you will need. :)  
 1 tablespoon of Nutkoa or Nutella
1 Graham cracker split in two
1 marshmallow

 Spread the Nutkoa on one of the Graham crackers.

 Now put your marshmallow on top of your other Graham
cracker & place in the microwave got 10-30 seconds.

 Now smash them together!

 And look what ya got! So Simple!

 Yet So Good!

Tips, Hints & Other Information

 When I first saw Nutkoa at the store I stood there and read it for like 5 minutes debating on if I should try it or not because I was not totally sure what it was. A woman walked by, stopped & put 1 in her cart, then 2, then 3, then 4.... so i asked them what it was. She said it was a hazelnut spread but also a milk spread. I can't for the life of me remember where she said she was from (Romania I think) but she said it was more like a traditional product that is popular in her country. A little different than Nutella but more like home. So I gave it a shot and I totally love it.

I have only seen it at one place, that was Big Lots where I bought it from! I believe it was $2.25? Very inexpensive.

Nutritional values are very similar to nutella. These products are very advertised as being Good for you, but they are really not. Makes a great "Treat" but limit yourself. :) I know it can be hard! Especially if you get addicted to foods! -- Like me!

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