Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mom, Did You Sell It?

So I am sitting here thinking about my blog and what I should write about next. Not like I don't have 100 things already on my list I want to blog about already but my kids at this moment are my inspiration for tonight's blog. I have a little story to tell you, but before I get to that I need to tell you a little bit about my addictions.

Craigslist, EBay, Amazon, Yard Sales & Goodwill

Shopping & selling is MY Addiction in life. I shop yard sales & goodwill weekly & resell my finds on Criagslist, eBay & Amazon. So much fun! & Profitable! (I could go On & On about this... but I wont get into that right now although I am just dying to!)

I started doing this when my kids were about a year old. They would play with something one day & then never play with it again but when you have kids that age you have to keep them entertained or they are going to get into everything or they drive you crazy because they want attention all day long (something I could not handle having two of them), so I started thrifting. I would find an awesome toy for cheep, buy it, clean it up, kids would play with it & a few weeks later I sold it for more than I paid for it. I have done this the past few years & it has worked out great for us. I get my shopping addiction fix & then make a profit in the end. Its all a Win-Win situation, right?

Well it USE to be.. Until now. My sweet little Lovebug's Braiden & Alexis are getting too old for this. Now I know what your thinking, too old for this? what do you mean? Well... this is what i mean...

Braiden & I were walking down the toy isle at Walmart a few months ago when he saw a fancy red firetruck toy, that had all the cool buttons & whistles. He got so excited when he saw it & picked it up. My very first thought (totally not even kidding) was "He use to have a fire truck exactly like that and Never played with it." Just as that thought passed through my mind he looked up at me with a look in his eye and said, "I wish you didn't sell my firetruck. I loved that toy". I kinda felt bad but thought it was kinda funny at the same time but I explained he has plenty of toys & we moved on.

Last week the kids & I were at Fred Meyer getting a donut. (If you don't have a specialty donut store but have a Fred Meyer, it is THE place to get donuts... Seriously.. they are so good!).. Anyways... So we are sitting there eating our donuts when the kids decided it was time to have a little talk with me about me selling their stuff. "I don't like when you sell my toys, I wanted that Train tent, i really liked it a lot (I forgot all about that darn tent, he had it when he was like 2 and NEVER use the thing... I don't understand how he remembers so much stuff!?!?) .... Now do you know how embarrassing it is when your 5 year old kids corner you in a conversation like this with a bunch of strangers around? Well I do, and boy was I embarrassed. I can only imagine what they were thinking.... but prefer not to.

Yesterday Alexis was playing with a little puppy toy & she misplaced it, I knew she was walking around the house looking for it - she was calling it by her name. Well a few minutes pass before She storms in the living room "MOM, DID YOU SELL MY PUPPY? I LOVE THAT PUPPY, I DON'T WANT YOU TO SELL IT..." On & On She went! And all I could do was laugh while my face turned bright red (I could feel it). I was embarrassed even without anyone else in the room! She was not happy, the more I laughed the more she scolded me. She was very upset. Imagine her sweet little mothering personality with her girly high pitched voice literally bitching me out with so much confidence & anger in every word she spoke. I couldn't even understand most of what she said she wasn't even making any since by the end, I think she just NEEDED to keep yelling at me. She honestly thought I took it from her & sold it. Poor Girl, we found it & I assured her I would not sell it.

Can you imagine the anxiety problems my kids must have? Thinking I am going to sell their stuff when they are not looking... haha... Poor Kids.

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