Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Made Butter & Buttermilk

Talk about Feeling Accomplished & Awesome with little effort.
This is SO COOL!
You have to do it.
You just have to.
Make Your Own Butter!
This is My, "Braiden the Barbarian Beaver the Bear".. (that is just one of his nick names...)
He is helping me with my Tutorial today! (Well, more like he tried.)
Here is what you will need:
*1 or 2 Jars w/ lids (I used a Mary Calenders ranch dressing container)
*Whipping Cream OR Heavy Cream
*Sea Salt (Optional)

Yup! 2 Things, that's all you need!
Have your little helper pour the Whipping Cream in your container.
(Surprisingly he did that without making a mess!)
Don't fill it all the way (A little less than this actually)
........Until you (Or your slave) is tired of Shaking it!.........
(Braiden lasted like 3 minutes.. such a wuss!)
Then Blend it!
Blend It!
 Blend It!
This is Soooooooo much easier!!!-Most recipes for making butter insist that it must be shaken for 20-30 min. Paleeese! Not gunna happen!
(In the picture above you can see that its starting to turn into a whipped cream)
It will start to clump after you have blended (or shaken) it enough.
Keep On Blending for a little longer.
(You can clearly see the Butter & the Butter Milk)
Now when the butter all clumps together like this, its time to drain the Butter Milk.
Now you have homemade buttermilk as well!
You don't have to keep it if you don't want to but why wouldn't you, right? :)
Now all you have is the butter left!
Rinse the butter with Ice Cold Water. (1/4 cup water or so) & squish the extra buttermilk out of the butter with a fork or spoon.
(You may need to do this a few times.)
Your goal is to have clear water when you mix it with your butter then Drain
Now you have a jar of homemade butter & a jar of homemade Butter Milk!
How cool is that?
(At this time if you want to add a pinch of salt do so. I didn't have any on hand so I skipped that step.)
It made about a cup of butter & a little over 3/4's cup of butter milk. I did not use my entire jar whipped cream. The jar that I made it in was just too small.
I didn't waist any time! I made toast right away & it was sooo good!

Tips, Hints & Thoughts

Make sure the water you mix with your butter is clear. If you don't get all of the buttermilk out of the butter it will spoil faster.
Many recipes i found online to make butter suggested you use room temperature cream, they said it makes it less sweet if you do that. I did not, I used it cold out of the fridge.
You can replace sea salt w/ regular salt if you want. I hardly add salt to anything so I didn't.

I have researched this a lot and I am happy I decided to make my own. It was very rewarding & was not time consuming or expensive like other stuff I want to try. I did find out that you can get Heavy Cream (In Most States) from a local farm for an inexpensive price if you want to make your own & save money. But it is illegal in some states. Not exactly sure about the reasoning behind that.


  1. I don't eat butter, but my boyfriend does - I cannot wait to try to make this for him. What's a better give than homemade butter? Homemade cinnamon sugar butter, maybe? :)

    1. Cinnamon Sugar Butter!?!? Now that is a great idea!... :) Homemade Butter would be an excellent gift! I have seen some really cute little mason jars at the store that would work great too for gift giving. If you make it for him you will have to let me know how it goes!! :)