Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grilled Cheese Rolls & Tomato Soup

This is a great kid recipe. Turn ordinary grilled cheese into something a little more on the fun side. Have you ever been around a 5 year old who doesn't like to "dip"? ...Yeah, I didn't think so.

Looks Good, Huh?
Grilled Cheese Rolls

This is what you will need. 

1 Loaf of Bread
1 pack of sliced cheese
Butter (Optional)
1 can of Tomato Soup
Rolling Pin
Lunch Meat (Optional)
**This makes approximately 16 rolls**
Pre-Heat your oven to 350 Degree's.
Slice the crust off of the bread & set aside.

Take your rolling pin & roll out each slice of bread. Make it thin, roll it a few times.
Unwrap a slice of cheese & place it on the flattened bread. If you want to add Lunch meat this is the time to add a slice on top of the cheese. I always add turkey to my Grilled Cheese but sadly was out tonight when I made these. (I am not a HUGE cheese girl, but I HUGE Sandwich Girl!)
Now roll it up & squish it a little bit so the bottom of the end of the bread sticks & does not unroll itself.

Place in Oven Safe Pan.
Butter the top of the rolls (If you want to) I personally prefer not to add butter, saves calories & gives the bread a little more "crunch" when you take it out of the oven.
Now place it in the oven.

This is when you will want to prepare your tomato soup. Follow the directions on the can.
As you can see this is my second batch pictured below, I just took them out of the oven, this batch I made w/o butter & it was my personal favorite.
 Look at all those plastic wrappers! What a great time to recycle.
And Don't throw away that crust! Save it, we will make something Delicious with it, I promise!

I got a thumbs up from my little Braiden Boy. :) He's a cutie isn't he!

Tip & Helpful Hints:
Use the "Ends" of the bread. They will come out thicker but they are still edible!
so Don't toss em! ;)

The only downfall for this recipe is you use a lot more food to feed your family. I use an entire loaf of bread & an entire  package of cheese, This recipe will make approximately 16 rolls, enough to feed my family of four with some leftovers.

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